Writing my First Book

Here I am, writing my first book.

Believe it or not, I enjoy it and I hate it at the same time.  It is nice to create a world next to this one.  It is awful to sit at my computer and  not to know how to continue the story that was completed  in my  head, but takes sudden turns when I write it down.

Not unlike myself, my characters seem to be rebellious and stubborn. They go in a direction I do not want them to go and they don’t go where I planned them to be.    Like avatars in a computer game. They jump as they should go and they run as they should be quiet. Anyway, it is very hard to make them obey and play their role in the story.  So, the story should change, I suppose. Or I should change, but I do not think that is going to be possible. I am too stubborn for that.

Apart from that, I have all sorts of troubles to prevent the bloody persons to multiply miraculously.  They seem to take delight in my killing them one by one, just to pop up as a happy threesome, one minute after their tragic deaths. Speaking of  devilish  births!

Anyway, if you are writing a book your self, you know what I am talking about.

If you are more of a reader and not a writer, I hope you enjoy my endless struggling, my despair, my whining and the book, when it is finished. They say it is more about the process than about the product, but hey, I disagree. Of course I would.  I am impatient. And stubborn. And a whiner.

On every website I  visit to help me understand how I should proceed, they say the most scary thing: that I should publish at least some pages from the book, to see if my public likes it. Or not. You see why I am afraid. Like most of us, unless you are a person who loves to inflict pain on himself, I don’t like bad criticism. I don’t even like criticism. Only praise.

Anyway, I understand what those smart marketeers on the websites are saying and I do understand them. But hey, does that mean that anyone can put me on a scaffold and throw stones at me? I might have my vices, but I am not a deadly sinner.  And as I said before, I do not like pain. So be gentle and understanding, be human in this cruel world. As I wil try to be kind too. Sometimes. That’s a promise.

So I will publish some pages of my book on this site. Not now, not tomorrow. Perhaps the day after tomorrow. And as I do that, you can read it on this link: “My first book.” I have to find out how to make the link happen. But it is on my homepage.

Perhaps we can give it a title together. I have one, but you can help me to look for a better one, if you don’t like it. Who said I  was a lonesome writer?













2 Replies to “Writing my First Book”

  1. Hi.
    I am so jealous and full of respect for you at the same time for starting something as big as writing a book. I always wanted to do it myself, but every time I tried, it just wouldn’t work. Whatever sounded so great in my mind looked wooden on the paper and I would start all over agin and eventually I’d stop.
    I do hope you are more disciplined (and probably way more talented) that I am and hope you will succeed.
    I love a good read (especially Harlan Coben – he’s my biggest weakness) and I guess I’ll stick to reading lol.
    Good luck once again!x


    1. Hello Anna,
      Thanks for your comment. Sometimes, my writing looks wooden too. The hardest part of writing, for me, is not the writing it self,
      but believing in myself, believing that I can create something worth reading. That’s why I have so many nightmares these days, I suppose 🙂
      Stephen King wrote a very good book about writing and he says that he waits six weeks after writing his book and reads it again at that point.
      It makes it easier to see where you went wrong or what you should do to improve your writing.
      A good tip I think, otherwise you want to throw your book away, every time you read what you have just written. I do anyway. 🙂
      So you can write too, just believe in yourself and keep on writing, even if you think you are the worst writer in the world.
      I have seen your website and you can write, I am certain of it! So, I wish you success with your writing.


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