About C. Coldice



C. Coldice

My writers name is C. Coldice and that’s  the translation of a Dutch word, with the same meaning:  “koudijs”.

I like to write about others. But I understand that you want to know me, as I want to know you. After all, we all want to feel connected, even if we are alone, writing and reading on the internet.

I used to read all my life, as soon as I could read, which was at age six. I remember analysing the sugar pack on the table and reading all the words on it and looking at the image, which was a child looking at the same sugar pack with the same child looking at the same sugar pack… That’s how I felt life would be: a child looking at a sugar pack with a child looking at it’s own image, eternally so. A bit like looking at the stars and getting dizzy. All the possibilities life offers.

Next to reading, writing was always one of my favourite occupations. Some with succes, some without. It doesn’t matter. I want to write, so I write and work hard and hope that someone will enjoy my first book.

As a jurist in Belgium, I wrote thousand of pages to gain my life and to help people get some justice. As a teacher, I taught French speaking children ages four till ten Dutch and that was quite a challenge. I learned a lot from them as hopefully they learned a lot from me. I could be very creative and playful in both jobs, so that was fine by me.

I wrote stories and poems and even a movie script, as I followed a script writing course. I could publish them online , but there is one  little issue: they are all in Dutch. Few people know where on earth people speak Dutch, let alone understand it.  It is an issue, if I want to have a website that is not only for Dutch speaking people.

So I write in English on my website, as I want to be able to write and earn a living with it at the same time. Perhaps I will translate some of my stories in English. But that is not the purpose of my website.

Writing my first book

I am writing my first book now and I want to be able to whine about it, as I a am a “natural born whiner”, according to my mother. The poor woman hat to put up with it when I was one year old and had a younger sister who was receiving most of her attention. I seemed to be jealous about it.  I used to shake my playpen to seek her attention and whine for hours in a row.

So I’m not only a whiner but also a jealous person, two excellent qualities for a writer. I am sure that if I think about it, I will find some other qualities, but nothing springs to mind for the moment.

Anyway, for now, I will not shake my playpen, rest assured.  I hope you will enjoy my writing and I am very pleased with your attention, because, guess what, I  am a very  proud person too. Thanks a lot, you  people on the world wide web!