Today, dear readers and writers, I am going to cheat.

Why? Because I am a writer and writers do cheat. Because I want to publish a 55 words story and I don’t want to write it.

Why not? Because  I am looking for arguments not to write. I want to write my book, I do not want to write about writing. Not today anyway. That’s the thing that really frustrates me, you know.  I am writing a book and as if that is not hard enough, I have to be a marketeer, I have to position myself on the world wide web, so that readers know I exist.

Why? How did other writers do it, before the web existed?They did not have to bother about publishing and finding an audience and  having a tribe. They could go on writing their book and their editor did the rest for them.  They did not have to do key word searches and study online marketing to be able to publish. So tell me, are we better of now? I really don’t know and I resent it. I do not want to be a marketeer.

Why not?  Because hey, I am a writer, not a marketeer. Because I want to write and if I was meant to be a marketeer, I would be one, and not a writer. If I was meant to be a model, I would have been born extremely beautiful, if I was meant to be a composer, I would hear music in my head, if I was meant to be a genius  I would have been very smart and  a man, if I was meant to be a marketeer, I would have been a bloody marketeer, but I am not. So leave me alone already, you people who tell me about positioning and giving and mailing! I am already giving away my writing, I am giving  you my whining and despair and a lot of self pity.  And I am giving you my compassion, fellow writers. Because there are  more desirable fates.

So today, I’ll publish a 55 words story that I wrote some years ago. It’s one of my favourites:  Triangle”. That’s another thing. I seem to be jealous of myself, of being a good writer once, and now… You know the feeling, don’t you?



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