How to Start Writing Every single day – 55 words Story

To start writing every single day

As I said before, to start writing is the most difficult task for me.

It is like going inside for an oral exam, when you know that a jury of six people is waiting for you. It is  like  driving with an instructor aboard who wants you to make mistakes and is pleased when you fail. It is like hearing a teacher say that you will never be a good in maths, which was true by the way. It is like listening to your own voice that says that thousands and thousands of people are writing and that even more books are published and nobody needs another writer with another book.

Shortly it is like writing on an empty page. And empty it is. It is staring blankly to you and you stare at your fingers, ready to type, to type anything on that  indignant white computerpage.

A story of 55 words

Well, here is a trick that works for me. I start typing a word and another word and I make a story of it. A story of 55 words, no less and no more.  It should be a real story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

As soon as I have that story, I can go on with my book and it goes very well. I tried it yesterday and I had a kind of a breakthrough  and  I was so relieved.  To show to you that I am not lying, I will publish the 55 words story that I wrote yesterday. Give me some time because as I said, I am writing in Dutch and have to translate it in English. Let’s hope I won’t have more than 55 words in English!

Ok, I did it. It is not my best 55 words story, but it is the story I wrote yesterday. “Bloody bird in 55 Words-Stories“. My point is, I wrote it to start writing.

I sincerely hope it works for you too! You can always give it a try. Good luck to you.



2 Replies to “How to Start Writing Every single day – 55 words Story”

  1. Great tip! I wonder if I can write a story with only 55 words.
    I read your short story and it’s really nice!
    Is it difficult to keep writing every single day? Do you ever feel like you don’t feel like writing?


    1. Thank you Paulina! I just finished another 55 words story. I will post it today. It is called: “Sweet revenge.”
      I am sure you can write a story with 55 words. One of these, I will post websites for people who want to publish their stories.
      Come to think of it, I might try it as well. For example, there is “reddit” if you like.
      To answer your questions: it is not easy to write every day, but I am glad I really like writing.
      I feel every moment like not writing and every single moment like wanting to write at the same time.
      Good luck with your writing Paulina!


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